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Snyder County Coalition for Kids (SCC4K) was established in 2012 and became a 501(c)(3) organization in 2014.


Following the "Communities That Care" model our Coalition achieves the mission of promoting youth development and preventing dependency through county-wide collaboration.


Our vision is fostering safe and healthy communities for the children of Snyder County. Current Coalition priorities for the youth of Snyder County include:

  • Preventing drug abuse

  • Preventing antisocial behavior

  • Providing positive social opportunities


Rural communities are not immune to serious real-world issues. In fact, these issues are often more dangerous due to the lack of local support resources. 

That's where SCC4K comes in.

SCC4K began by analyzing the 2011 PAYS data (Pennsylvania Youth Survey) and then incorporated concurrent data for Snyder County. This practice continues today. PAYS data is gathered and released biennially.

The initial result was the identification of two very specific risk factors:

  • Laws and norms favorable to drug use

  • Parental attitudes favorable to anti-social behavior

And the identification of one critical protective factor:​

  • Community opportunities for pro-social involvement

SCC4K is committed to promoting youth development through county-wide collaboration.​

Nathan Morgan, Chair

Lisa Eroh, Vice-Chair

Rose Weir, Treasurer

Sharon Leon, Secretary

Kim Amsler

Dane Aucker

Michael Bobb 

Jennifer Evans

Roger Dupuis 


Frank Jankowski

Marie Nichols

Lee Spigelmyer

Joseph Stroup

Eric Ulsh

Our Committees




Media & Outreach


Strategic Planning

Our Community Board Members

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