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The Children's Fund

Serving the neediest children and their families of Snyder County. CF provides items to promote pro-social activities and to address the needs of children who experience child abuse, neglect, or domestic violence and who live in impoverished home conditions. CF does not duplicate existing services or other foundations/ grants or scholarships nor governmental funding. The Children's Fund is a fund of last resort when all other funding sources and / or services are exhausted. Any human-serving organization may initiate a referral for this funding by emailing SCC4K:


Kids Safety Fairs

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Meals 4 Mustangs  &  Meals 4 Seals

We are pleased to support the Selinsgrove and Midd-West School District programs in fighting food insecurity in our youth. These are exciting lunch pack programs that give students food to take home, which addresses the very critical need for consisitent, balanced meals. 

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Snyder County National Night Out

Residents of our communities come together for fun, food, music and free activities provided by civic, business, and community service organizations, health and medical facilities, law enforcement, fire, public safety, and local government agencies.

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Annual Coalition Conference

Fairs are scheduled in various communities and are designed to share important information about fire safety, safe cyber habits, bike safety, safe relationships, fitness, and proper nutrition.

Our annual December conference is an opportunity for the entire Coalition and all surrounding communities to come together. Anyone may attend and learn about our work and how you may get involved. Join us for this annual free conference and help us celebrate our successes and focus on future needs. The conference spotlights inspirational and educational speakers throughout the day, and may hold breakout sessions to address multiple issues.


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